Web: Use cursor keys and left control as fire button

Outpost is a short entry for the Retro Platform Jam #5. The theme was "breezy", which I kinda skipped. Three weeks time to make a game on a retro platform.

You wake up in your bunk and try to find out what's up. It's a short game, no big surprises. Press Up to search/use (the active item), Down to kneel, Space to toggle the active item.

16.10.2022: Uploaded a small bug fix that could lead to a crash if lots of enemies were already active and a new one tried to spawn.

17.10.2022: Another tiny bugfix, lower sprite of big blob was wrong when going left

18.10.2002: Web uses now cursor keys and left control for poor keyboards

The full game code is available here: https://github.com/GeorgRottensteiner/outpost

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TagsCommodore 64


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Fun game. Although I feel that it needs some atmospheric ambience inside the game. There's no music. The game concept is good. 

Nice game! More information about our German-language review can be found here (switch on automatic subtitles, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome!

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one of those 'old' style games. gaming evolved in the last 40 years and this one clearly did not. tedious, slow, boring..

 some may like it for the 'old' factor, but def not me. 2/10

It's like Project Firestart but great work anyway! 

Great work, deserves a Gameboy Color port. :)

Nice game, thanks!!!

"Use numpad cursor keys and numpad-insert as fire button" are not available in reduced or laptop keboards ;)


Yeah, I need a different web emu package. I’ll see what I can find. Reduced keyboards should be forbidden by law anyway :D

"Reduced keyboards should be forbidden by law anyway :D"

:D :D :D


Updated the embedded emulator to use cursor keys and left control. That should work with every system.

"for poor keyboards", thanks!! :D

Very nice game!

That was fast :) Thanks, great work!