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A game created for the https://itch.io/jam/the-big-mega65-christmas-competition for the upcoming Mega65 computer!

It's a Great Giana Sisters remake for the Mega65 using some of its enhanced features. Updated graphics (taken from the Amiga version mostly), a grand new SID from the grand master Magnar Harestad, lovely player sprites from the talented Robert Ramsay, and cobbled together code from myself.

The full game source code is available here: https://github.com/GeorgRottensteiner/MegaSisters . It requires the current WIP version of C64Studio to support the enhanced graphic modes.

Awesome SID music! Gorgeous sprites! 16 stages of tough Jump'n'Run, like the gods intended! 

And chances for a mighty spruced up version later.

Note: Since the real machine is not out yet (but will be in a few weeks), to play you need the Mega65 emulator Xemu. Due to licensing issues setting up the emulator is a tad cumbersome, but it's worth it (here's an explanation on what to do: https://www.stevencombs.com/xemu-on-mac)

New version 1.1 is out!  Now boasting 32 stages, and nifty parallax background via RRB! Plus a few gameplay fixes and adjustments.

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It might just be clumsy me, but this only works on the emulator.

Couldn't get it to run on the real hardware. 

Did you update the ROM files/Cores? AFAIR there were some incompatibilities introduced later on; and there was a time, when it really wouldn’t run on hardware. I can assure you it does run generally, but as the Mega65 is a bit of a moving target there are occasions when it doesn’t. I’m currently not in reach of my Mega65, but I’ll check to make sure.

Thanks, I tried several different combinations of core and kernal rom. Currently on the core dated 23.06.22 with kernal rom 920377. Maybe I'll have to go back a few versions but then other stuff won't work again. Yes you are right the M65 is a moving target atm and once they fix one thing two others become broken. That might just be the case here too.

Ouch. The music is.....well..... not good. :(

How come? I think it’s decently made, and we’re using one SID for music and a second for the sound effects.

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Nothing technical - just sounds awful - terrible composition, very messy and amateurish and not a patch on the original which only uses a single SID. But hey, that's just my opinion, perhaps others will like it.

I usually LOVE SID music, but music like this I would be turning off immediately and putting up with sound effects, again, just my personal opinion.

On a more positive note, the game looks and runs nicely and I am sure it will be greatly appreciated by new Mega65 owners (mine arrived yesterday ;) ).

All the best,