Web game: Use numpad cursor keys to move, and numpad insert as fire button.

For some weird reason, as if decided by a million Indys, one or more trolleys are stuck in a loop. To break out you need to manually switch crossings. Collect a crystal on every spawn spot to advance to the next stage.

This is a C64 game, so behold the retro goodness! Control is via Joystick in Port 2. Press fire to start game. Move your cursor over a crossing. When it can be toggled the cursor blinks white. Keep the button pushed for any trolley to change direction when passing by. This affects not only your own trolleys (grey), but also the fiendish ones (red).

If one of your trolleys collides with a fiendish one, it’s game over.

All in all there are 10 stages of varying difficulty.

Since this is a C64 game, you will need an emulator (for now)


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