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You are Joseph J. Gunn. Archeologist by passion.

By chance you stumbled upon an unknown pyramid in the desert of egypt. You suspect it to be the long lost tomb of the Crocodile King. The king whose name has been erased from history as if nobody should ever know of his existance.

Can you enter the tomb, solve it's secret and escape alive again?

Puzzles, traps and ancient enemies await you...

Control via port II, left/right to move, up/down to climb ladders and hold onto ledges.
Push button and up to use an item, button and down to examine something.

Fans of the real hardware can actually buy the game on tape or disk: Psytronik

The fan made manual was created by Andy Haywood and is available for download with his kind permission.

Additional Features:

  • C64: What else needs to be said?
  • More than 70 rooms with puzzles and enemies
  • 2 bosses to puzzle-fight it out with
  • Control: Joystick Port II


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Game (C64) - Emulator Image


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Holy hell - this is a great game - could not believe how long had passed when I finished the video - a true classic and a time sink.

Here is my tribute...

Wow, that’s great stuff :) I like how you persevere through the start and keep going. I see you struggling with the controls a bit, esp. the jump: The basic idea is to press the button, keep it pressed, and only then move left/right/up/down. Joe doesn’t move freely, he is confined to char sized steps. In case you want to explore, there is an infinite lives mode (one of the F keys, it shows in the title scroller)

Have fun!

It's the same old version, nothing new there :)  

Thanks for the info, link to the manual is fixed.

I love rhis game!!

Is this version is the same of previous Deluxe version?

*The manual link go to 404.