Web: Use numpad cursor keys and numpad-insert as fire button

Alienator is a spruced up Space Invaders game. 99 waves of nasty Vogons are at it again and you're our last hope to avoid their poetry. Shoot enemies and collect power ups! 

Careful though, you never know what the power up will accomplish. Defeat all 99 waves (with a few laughable bosses strewn in) and save earth!


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Awesome space invaders clone game and great music intro / in play.

It plays well, it looks well made, but I have to ask... do the powerups actually do anything? One of them changes the player's ship graphic but I cannot see any difference when collecting others.

Yes, some are not helping, others are :)

It depends on the color, lemme look it up. If I didn't mix up colors, it's like this:
one just makes the enemies multicolor (white)
one increases the enemy shot speed (orange)
one makes the player multi color and increases the player shot power (yellow)
one makes enemy shots move towards your ship (brown)
one is moving enemies down a line (if possible) (light green))
one increases the player shot power (light red)
one awards an extra live and increases the player shot power (light blue)
one makes powerups move away from the player (cyan)

Hope that helps!

Awesome. Thanks so much for replying. It's a great game.

Just been playing this Georg! Lovely little shooter this.